Ornatas launch first major project at Toomulla beach site!

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The saltwater intake reservoir remediation project is well underway at our Toomulla Beach site and is estimated to be completed by mid-November. The project will make a significant contribution to the Townsville economy (expected to be approximately $90,000 to the local economy) through engaging local contractors and suppliers.

The project aims to:

  • Reform the reservoir walls damaged in the recent flood event in Townsville, removing any foliage and rebuilding the damaged structure.
  • Refill the reservoir by installing a temporary pumping and filtration system
  • Allow freshwater runoff during heavy rain events with the installation of an overflow pipe to maintain water salinity in the reservoir.
  • Ensure a quality saltwater supply to the upcoming slipper lobster recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility.

On completion the impressive saltwater intake reservoir will hold approximately 10 million litres of water and will measure 260m long and 20m wide with an effective depth of 4-5 metres.

Ornatas are excited to share the progress of this new project, more updates will come as the development continues.


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