Ornatas Technical Manager Nathan Cleasby in the spotlight of Hatchery International Magazine.

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Last Month, Ornatas Technical Manager Nathan Cleasby was brought into the spotlight in Hatchery Magazine International’s November Issue. Nathan was nominated as one of the Top 10 under 40, by the magazine’s program which aims to recognise leadership and innovation of fish and shellfish hatchery professionals under the age of 40.

A highly regarded member of our innovative team, Nathan who joined Ornatas in December 2019 has been a valuable member of our hatchery operations team because of both his experience in hatchery techniques and understanding of tropical aquaculture systems. During his time at Ornatas, Nathan has had the huge task of assisting in the commercialisation of the system design, construction, implementation, and continued improvement of the rearing protocols in the hatchery and nursery systems. This has led to him being heavily involved in commercialising the research conducted at IMAS as part of the ARC Research HUB for sustainable Onshore Lobster Aquaculture.

As highlighted in the article, on top of his lifelong passion for aquaculture, Nathan’s top priority in his work is sustainability. His determination to minimise any impact of his work on the environment, and ensure that the environment surrounding the Toomulla Beach area and Great Barrier Reef region is kept pristine, has seen him work closely with the team to improve the design of the system of the hatchery.

“My goal in aquaculture is to be involved with a progressive team, commercializing new species, prioritising animal welfare and sustainability,” Nathan – via Hatchery International.

Our Ornatas team is extremely proud of Nathan and the support he brings to Ornatas’ vision of innovation and the continued improvement of sustainability within the Aquaculture industry.

The full Hatchery International article can be found HERE or via the link:





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