Our Hatcheries

Ornatas is developing a sustainable aquaculture industry for lobster, with its home here in Australia. We currently have two locations, Toomulla Beach, Townsville and Hobart, Tasmania. The Toomulla Beach hatchery and grow-out location was selected to provide the perfect growing environment, its close proximity to Townsville brings many opportunities for economic growth and development of employment opportunities in the region. In Tasmania we are currently in the planning process of developing a pilot-scale hatchery and centre of excellence for lobster aquaculture. The proposed site is co-located with the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), to allow access to key expertise and existing infrastructure critical to proving commercial viability of the lobster breeding technology.


Townsville and Tasmania

Toomulla Beach, Townsville



Hobart, Tasmania


Proposed pilot-scale hatchery development, Tasmania

Ornatas is developing a sustainable aquaculture industry for lobster, with its home here in Australia.

A planning application has been prepared and submitted for the Ornatas pilot-scale hatchery in Tasmania. Ireneinc Planning and Urban Design have prepared the application which is subject to the relevant provisions of the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015. Learn more about the proposed development and information about the proposal.


Artists impression of proposed Ornatas pilot-scale hatchery, provided by Preston Lane Architects

Toomulla Beach, Townsville

Toomulla Beach. Townsville

The Toomulla beach location was carefully chosen from several options in Northern Australia. It provides the perfect growing environment, is in close proximity to Townsville and James Cook University, giving access to our highly skilled work force required for this type of venture.

Initially, the focus at Toomulla Beach is to produce the iconic Moreton Bay Bugs – a favourite of many Australians. The plan is to produce around 150 tonnes of this delicacy within five years and market them initially to local restaurants and retailers.


Front entrance of the Ornatas hatchery and grow-out, in Toomulla Beach, Townsville

Environmental protection

Ornatas has a commitment to protecting the environment. We carefully consider environmentally sensitive practices in our process and operations. We have an ambition to alleviate the pressure on the wild catch lobster industry.

Energy and water methods

Our hatcheries use state of the art energy and water methods

Tropical Rock Lobster puerulus industry

Reducing pressure on the wild catch Tropical Rock Lobster puerulus industry

National and International standards for export

Highest level of biosecurity standards, meeting national and international standards for export

Hatchery and environment

Our hatcheries will be sympathetic to the natural environment

Protect the local environment

Ornatas will actively participate in initiatives to protect the local environment


Our People

Ornatas is lead by a team dedicated to a sustainable future for seafood, with a shared ambition to create opportunities in global communities, and respect for our environment. Collectively the team and board provides a wealth of enthusiasm and experience in science and innovation, a deep knowledge and understanding of the ocean environment and aquaculture systems, as well as financial, strategic and creative thinking to drive the company.


Scott Parkinson, CEO

Scott is passionate about science and the sea, he has worked in Australian aquaculture for 30 years, in senior positions across research and development, commercial operations and sales.  Scott has built greenfield facilities and redeveloped many land based aquaculture facilities through-out Australia.  He was instrumental in the recovery of the Tasmanian oyster industry from POMs in 2015 and was responsible for implementing the first 3rd part biosecurity audit of any shellfish facility within Australia.

The Ornatas Board

Martin Rees, Executive Director

Until 2015, Martin was a partner in KPMG Tasmania for 25 years specialising in corporate finance and commercialisation of new technologies.  He was responsible for the establishment of In-tellinc, a Hobart based IT incubator/seed investor which over the past 15 years has invested in over 40 start-up companies generating a number of national and global successes.  Martin has been a founding Director of a number of these ventures and brings these skills to Ornatas.  He is also a Director of Foundry Pty. Ltd., TasmaNet Pty. Ltd, St. Lukes Health Ltd and Pets Domain Ltd.  Martin and his family own and operate a vineyard and wine business in Relbia and he is currently Chair of Wine Tasmania.

Brian Kohl, Director

Brian is the shareholder representative on the Board.  He is a born and bred Tasmanian with a long history in community and environmental areas of work.  He has an Economics degree from the University of Tasmania, and has worked in all levels of Government before moving to private industry.  He is currently a shareholder and Director of a number of Tasmanian companies and spends much of his time sailing throughout the South East Asian region. Brian’s professional career has included roles of Senior Economic Advisor to both the Labour and Greens parties.  Brian is currently the Director and CFO of one of Tasmania’s largest private equity hedge funds.

Peta Sugden, Director

Peta holds a senior role in the Tasmanian State Service where her primary focus is to enable investment into Tasmania through investment matching. Peta’s State Government Experience includes investment attraction and facilitation and food and agri-business development.  Peta has also held Ministerial Office roles including as the Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff with the former Government.  Peta’s private sector experience includes senior management positions within the Tasmanian poppy industry and a global inspection where she held qualifications as a Senior Lead Auditor, specialising in quality assurance auditing in the food industry and undertook food safety training nationally and globally.