Tropical Rock Lobster Panulirus ornatus

Tropical Rock Lobster is an exquisite and unique seafood. Highly regarded around the world for its superb texture and taste, a sweet rich flavour, low oiliness and moist, medium-firm flesh.

Available all year round, we supply Australian grown Tropical Lobster and lobster seed stock (Puerulus and juveniles) to local and international markets.

Tropical Rock Lobster Panulirus Ornatus

Tropical Rock Lobster
Panulirus Ornatus

Tropical Rock lobsters are grown in land based Ornatas nurseries and grown out using high-end sustainable systems. Using world-leading scientific process and treated with optimum care throughout the growing period, we ensure the best quality and welfare of our lobsters at all stages of the life cycle.

Tropical Rock Lobsters have a complex larval cycle. Ornatas recreates the ocean environment and uses world leading spiny lobster breeding technology, developed by the University of Tasmania.




The Larval Cycle of
Panulirus ornatus

Until recently, the lobster’s long and complex lifecycle has made it impossible to produce seed stock in a commercially scalable hatchery.

The secret to successful breeding and culturing Tropical Rock Lobsters is based on the methods and equipment that have been designed to support optimal animal culture parameters at each of the stages of their complex life cycle.

The Larval cycle of Tropical Rock Lobster

Our Moreton Bay Bugs,

Thenus australiensis

A beloved and iconic Australian seafood.

Sweet mild flavour with a firm texture, Moreton Bay Bugs are very versatile and suit many styles of cooking and cuisines. Available all year round, we supply Australian grown Moreton Bay Bugs and lobsters to local and international markets.




Moreton Bay Bugs Thenus australiensis

Moreton Bay Bug
Thenus australiensis

Our Moreton Bay Bugs have a land-based nursery system and grow out using high end sustainable systems. They receive optimum food and water quality, which is carefully monitored at every point of the growing process.

The Moreton Bay Bug grows in a hatchery in 3 weeks and then takes a further 9 months to grow to market size.

Our Moreton Bay Bugs are available year round.