A valuable Ornatas internship for JCU student Chris Peters

aquaculture internship

A valuable Ornatas internship for JCU student Chris Peters


At Ornatas, we are always glad to impart our knowledge on aquaculture and lobster farming – especially to young, curious minds who will eventually become the future of aquaculture. Having our placement program with partner universities allow us to open doors and expand the horizon for students who see themselves working in the aquaculture industry one day.

During a field trip excursion to Ornatas, Chris Peters, a BSc student majoring in Aquaculture at James Cook University (JCU), quickly grew interested in what he saw in our facility. “The whole experience really sparked my interests in the aquaculture working industry and I wanted to experience that in this particular farm,” says Chris.

Through our partnership with JCU, Chris was able to apply for an internship placement in our facility where he would learn advanced culture techniques, processes, and maintain healthy lobster larvae to broodstock.

For Chris to get the full Ornatas experience, he was assigned a range of tasks in and around our facility that will enrich his knowledge while honing his skills as well. His day-to-day work involves commercial-scale live feed production, husbandry of juvenile and adult Tropical Rock Lobsters (feeding, behaviour monitoring and tank cleaning), monitoring and operation of saltwater recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), and system maintenance. On Saturdays, he helps care for the broodstock and on Sundays, Chris’ focus is with the larvae in the hatchery.

“This placement opportunity is a great way for me to learn advanced culture techniques in a top-grade lobster farming facility. I’ll take along with me the skills I learn in this placement period to help me thrive and act as a contributing member of any aquaculture team,” Chris says when asked about how his internship at Ornatas will contribute to his career in aquaculture.

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