Welcoming our newest farm manager, Aquaculture expert John Breen!

Welcoming our newest farm manager, Aquaculture expert John Breen!

It is our continuous pursuit at Ornatas to build a company focused on quality and innovation, we endeavour to bring the best local and national talent to our team. This led us to our newest Farm Manager, John Breen!

Graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Marine and Freshwater Science and Aquaculture from Deakin University, John has worked his way up in different positions to get managerial roles.  He found his passion working in intensive freshwater Recirculating  Aquaculture Systems (RAS), farming native species like Murray Cod and freshwater eels, and doing some work in intensive pond culture.

Even with 18 impressive years of Aquaculture experience under his belt, John still likes to be challenged with the twists and turns brought about by the industry. When it comes to his management style, John likes maintaining a very hands-on approach to constantly stay on top of things.

Aside from being a farm manager, he is also a full-time father to three boys aged 11, eight, and four. He and his wife also share similar interests as they studied related fields, and his wife now focuses on sustainability and environmental management.

During his free time, he runs a side business called Board Breen Boys on Facebook, where John and his sons sell handmade chopping boards and furniture. This is an activity John likes doing with his boys to teach them how to use their hands and the value of a good work ethic. As a family, they also enjoy the outdoor lifestyle – fishing, camping, and gardening, so you might just catch them out and about in Townsville.

Although John hasn’t been to the Ornatas farm yet, he looks forward to the terrific culture and belief embedded within the company.

As someone who never backs off from a challenge, John is also excited to take on the intensive Tropical Rock Lobster research we do at Ornatas – which he considers to be “the pinnacle of Aquaculture.” He also looks forward to contributing to the team by learning the intricacies of farming Tropical Rock Lobsters.

At Ornatas, we value people, their skills, and their unwavering commitment to helping us with our common goal. We’d like to thank John for relocating, together with his family, to Townsville and look forward to his important contribution to the business.

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