Welcome to Tony Barton – Our new General Manager

Welcome to Tony Barton – Our new General Manager

We are delighted to welcome Tony Barton (L) to the team at Ornatas, as our General Manager. He’s already made a big impact, has been getting to know the team and how everything ticks in Toomulla. His role is to oversee core business services that enable our workplace to function efficiently and our team to thrive. He is also responsible for company administrative functions and risk management.

Tony has a collaborative approach, working with his team and across all levels of the business to build the best processes and ensure the right resourcing is in place to get everything done safely and effectively. “The work is a lot of fun…much of the time I’m doing my best to support the talented people who work for or contract to Ornatas. This includes making sure they have what they need and can get the job done safely”. Tony was a workplace health and safety professional for some years, giving him fantastic insights into human nature, risk management and business compliance. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some outstanding Australian aquaculture companies for over 15 years in various roles and alongside truly wonderful people.”

Tony loves to read “so I can stand on the shoulders of those who’ve thought deeply about our world. I try my best to bring their wisdom with me.” We are looking forward to Tony bringing his skills and new ideas (and plenty of ice-cream!) to our team.

Tony says the vision of Ornatas as a business is “outlined perfectly in its slogan ‘securing future aquaculture’. I’m most excited about the culture of innovation that Ornatas is nurturing, with that, the possibilities are theoretically limitless.”

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