Welcoming our Research Officer, Sandra Villamil

Welcoming our Research Officer, Sandra Villamil

Research, innovation and sustainability are a core part of our work at Ornatas and we take pride in being led by a team that brings forward their amazing skills as well as a common passion for the aquaculture industry, environment, and our lobsters! Adding to this group of fantastic people, we are excited to introduce our Research Officer, Sandra Infante Villamil, another great talent from James Cook University.

Sandra is a fourth-year PhD candidate at the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture. As a Research Officer at Ornatas, she is actively involved in experimental design, data analysis and communication. Sandra also contributes to implementing our biosecurity and Tropical Rock Lobster health monitoring plans in the hatchery and grow-out systems, which all underpin the provision of quality juveniles for raft grow-out research.

She works closely with our Hatchery and Research & Development Manager Jennifer Blair to manage and deliver on the CRCNA project – Pioneering Tropical Rock Lobster Raft Grow-out for Northern Australia. “What I enjoy the most is being able to apply the knowledge I have acquired as a student of science and nature in a real-life aquaculture facility.”

Growing up in Colombia, close to nature, Sandra has always been fond of the ocean and the environment. As a student of Marine Biology, she had the opportunity to work with indigenous groups in Fisheries and Aquaculture and to build her interest and expertise in microbiology. As a Research Assistant, Sandra investigated sustainable innovative solutions to increase productivity in aquaculture, which fueled her interest in animal health and the impact of diseases on aquaculture.

Passionate about the aquaculture industry and the environment, Sandra thinks that Ornatas’ goals as an organisation align with her values and ambition. “Ornatas is a socially and environmentally responsible aquaculture company, it takes care of its people, animals and the environment.”

Sandra is passionate about building a sustainable future for seafood and protecting the environment. “Both the journey and the challenges we face are unique. I am excited to be a part of this incredible journey, especially about developing a raft-based grow-out model for our hatchery-produced Tropical Rock Lobster.”

We welcome Sandra to the Ornatas team!

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