Congratulations to Jennifer Blair on becoming the President of the World Aquaculture Society

Congratulations to Jennifer Blair on becoming the President of the World Aquaculture Society

We are proud to announce that our Hatchery and Research & Development Manager Jennifer Blair has been appointed as the President of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), a society that works for the progressive and sustainable development of the aquaculture industry throughout the world.

WAS plays an essential role in sharing the latest research with the global aquaculture industry, including industry practitioners, research agencies and government representatives.

Happening in Merida, Mexico, Jen has been up in the early hours to join the Annual Business Meeting of WAS over Zoom to officially start her term as the President. “I would have loved to be in Mexico for the conference, but with so much happening on site here at Ornatas, unfortunately, I was unable to fly to Mexico. However, I am looking forward to attending the next board meeting face-to-face in Singapore, at the end of November this year.”

With around 3,000 members (pre-COVID) in over 100 countries, WAS is focused on providing opportunities to network across different sectors in the industry. WAS provides support, opportunities, and encouragement to the upcoming generation in the industry.

“I enjoy meeting people from diverse backgrounds, sharing our knowledge, skills and unique experiences and building the next generation of students – the future of our industry.”

It’s not always easy being in a senior role at Ornatas to dedicate the time to commit to this responsibility but it is important to lift the whole industry through the communication of quality science and innovation – collaboration is so important.

“It’s a voluntary position. Most of the work I do is after hours, and it is not always easy, but this is something I am passionate about, and I make sure I take time out for this”. Jen is excited to chair the World Aquaculture Conference next year in Darwin. “It will be great to have people from all over the world to Northern Australia to discuss advancements in the industry. We will have multiple sessions around prawn aquaculture, barramundi, salmon, tuna, abalone, lobsters, edible oysters, aquafeeds, aquatic animal health, and much more. It will be great to see recent developments in aquaculture.”

We wish Jen all the best in this new role and continue to support her passion for the industry!

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