Meet the Ornatas CEO: A passion for science and the sea

Scott Parkinson Ornatas CEO

Meet the Ornatas CEO: A passion for science and the sea

Scott Parkinson, joins as CEO of world’s first lobster hatchery – 100% Tasmanian owned company commercialising the breeding technology for the production of Tropical Rock Lobsters


Scott has a passion for science and the sea, with over 30 years’ experience in research and commercial aquaculture within Australia and South East Asia. he has worked on a broad range of aquaculture species including: pearl oysters, edible oysters, abalone, finish (salmon and silver perch) and more recently Rock Lobsters.

Scott’s role as CEO of Ornatas is to guide the design, planning, construction and operation of a pilot lobster hatchery in Taroona. This world first technology was developed by the University of Tasmanian over the past 15 years and Ornatas has an exclusive Australian license to commercialise the technology. ‘This is ground-breaking work, to be part of this development that will create a whole new land based aquaculture industry for lobster, and potentially other species is so exciting’ Scott said.

Scott is certainly up to this challenge. His previous work includes commercialising industry led selective breeding programs, transforming the Australian oyster industry by commercialisation of natural polyploidy techniques and implementing Australia’s first third party audited bio secure Oyster hatchery. He has designed, constructed and commissioned several Land based aquaculture facilities through-out Australia.

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